if you're only as good as your word... make that word clear.

"We are only as good as our word. But we are called to so much more. What good is word if it is not life-giving? What good is word if it does not give life? I have no answers for this world, only questions. Candle burning, incense rising... like a prayer." - From The Word Among Us by lana rose

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what's in a wordsmith?



Poetry, short stories, prose, and word-like things.


Excerpts from magazines, newspapers, online, and radio.
Home page with featured post slider, portfolio, and customized sidebar.


Services for entrepreneurs, artists, and organizations.

in other words...

She is a gifted writer, speaker and connector… a forward thinking, forward driving individual, who always sees new possibilities in whatever she is doing.


Because of Lana’s expertise, integrity and creativity, not only is she an expert service provider, I have grown to consider her a valued business colleague.


She was punctual, honest, detail-oriented, and genuinely interested in the story that she was reporting.


In the fast-paced, deadline driven world of newspaper publishing, Lana is always on her game.


Lana Rose is a truth seeker… I love that she doesn’t look at main stream media to report stories that have already been told.


a thousand words

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